Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time for the California doctor

We're excited to be able to visit our wonderful doctor in Southern California again. Along with this blessing comes not only the opportunity to see orange trees, but we'll once again be enjoying the hospitality of my husband's cousin and aunt.
We are also taking our kids to their most desired destination these days (how did I get two kids that both want to work here?)

E will be getting some acting instruction and B will be checking out a 3-D animation school.
When purchasing the tickets, the available flights were routing us through Salt Lake City with a two hour layover. On our last trip to California, my two sisters that live there, along with our niece and two nephews, met us at the airport for an hour. We couldn't face that short of visit again, so we treated ourselves to a three day stopover this time. Yay!

And E might just get to see her favorite author at another author signing party while we're there, along with meeting many of her fellow "fan of Shannon" friends she's met on-line who have become close friends to her over the last few years.

So...off to try again to pack.


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Cristina said...

Have a blessed and fruitful trip! Happy traveling!

Traci said...

Wow, busy busy busy! Hope you guys are having a good time!

Randi said...

Whenever we go to California we are excited to see orange trees too. There is nothing like the smell of oranges ready to be picked!