Friday, September 12, 2008

Wish you were here

Excitement! It's showtime! Opening night is tonight. Thanks for your prayers! Keep praying. Erin's doing pretty well, considering. She's very tired, but adrenaline will take over now during performances. (She does keep getting bloody noses - which would be bad news if it happened on stage.) So please pray in regards to that and also, for her voice to stay strong.

Yes, that's a microphone you see in the photo. The theatre holds 2500 people, so all the leads are mic'd. The show only runs this weekend, so a big crowd is expected tonight even though they are just opening.

My parents are on their way over the mountains and through the woods. They'll be here later tonight (when they left their house they were going to "take it easy" and not get here until Saturday noon. Interstate driving just makes you want to get there, doesn't it?


Traci said...

I miss you guys so so so bad! I wish I could be there tonight to see her...:) I will be praying for her strength! :)

Erin said...