Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday outing

Today was one of those gorgeous Indian summer afternoons that practically pushes you outside and says, "Do something!" After our Sunday feast of delicious grilled turkey fillets enjoyed out on the deck, followed by a few minutes of backyard frisbee, we still weren't completely satisfied. When the guys decided to go frisbee golfing later, I jumped in the truck and tagged along.

The frisbee golf course on the college campus is well used. Brady discovered the fun of playing the sport this summer. We had an old frisbee (the golfing ones are heavier then normal frisbees,) which none of us had used (we can't remember how we acquired it!) After Brady had gone with a friend, he wanted to take his dad, so went to a local outdoor recreation store to pick up another frisbee. He found himself overwhelmed with the selection available - he faced racks of frisbees in different weights, sizes, brands, and colors. My guys still use just one frisbee each, but the picture above shows a guy who has just finished his round of golf carrying his bag. Yes, it is filled with his different size "clubs."

Sights along the course.
The holes run back and forth through some old poultry barns on the edge of campus (the Dome is in the background of the below photo.)

"Teeing" off.

Heading back to the truck. Autumn has started its glow show.

Sights from the truck afterwards, when we decided to drive downtown to see if Erin needed a ride home after a filming session with some friends.

(The real estate logo that Brady designed!)

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Nicole said...

Cool pics Sherry. I especially love the old window. I got your comment. You can email me when you get here at and I can give you my phone #. Maybe we can meet up.