Thursday, October 16, 2008

Win a quilt!

Being a part of the blogging community is one the coolest, amazing gifts I've given myself.

Every day I check into my "Bloglines" to see what new posts I need to visit on my favorite blogs. I find encouragement and help of all kinds: book reading ideas, support for our diet, support for my illness, photography and art that inspires me, people who share some of my idiosyncrasies to share ideas with. The blogging world is an amazing place to connect with people all over the country and world.

I keep being surprised at the kindness people show to each other in the blogging world. People give away books, swap recipes and fabrics, take extra time to e-mail you if you have questions about what they've posted about...I could go on and on.

Today I am surprised once again by the generosity of a blogger. She was inspired by someone who made and gave away a quilt, so she decided she wanted to do the same thing. If you're a blogger don't miss this opportunity to try to win a gorgeous, original design sunflower quilt. Tomorrow is the last day to enter, so go visit soon!

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