Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurrah for the SCD!

I have a stomachache. I just don't get those anymore - for good reason. But yesterday, when I was majorly fatigued, crazy thoughts and cravings tempted me. I couldn't cook dinner and as we each straggled to the kitchen to get a piece of toast with almond flour and nut butter, I decided I couldn't have any kind of almond flour product for breakfast the next morning. Oatmeal (a GRAIN, yes, gluten-free, but still a grain) is what I wanted. We're all so tired of our almond flour baked goods, pancakes, or waffles.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet which we're following is a diet that is strictly grain-free. We've been on it for 14 months now, take away a week (ten months ago) when a doctor who didn't know about the SCD had urged us to try oatmeal, which didn't go well for any of us.

So I should have known better, but I did the whole rationalization thing in my head - gathered all the ammunition from our recent health improvements to shoot down any doubt trying to poke its way into my brain. I found the directions for soaking rolled oats overnight to make them more digestible. So I followed them. I was feeling pretty smug, as I covered the bowl for the night, thinking I'd taken care of any risks.

This morning as the oats cooked, the foreign smell of grains steaming up from the pan made me pause a bit - but I pushed doubt away with determination. I felt my pain about the time I was taking the last bite. Now I feel like a toddler that's been told not to touch-"Hot!"- but I had to do it anyway. Just a dumb thing to do. We aren't even eating many of the advanced foods that are allowed on the diet yet. Thankfully the kids don't have the stomachache, but that doesn't mean, yet, that everything is okay.

Keep on working the diet, Sherry. Yeah, got it.

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