Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Which Artist Would Paint You?

You have the Vermeer girl look. A Vermeer girl

appealed mostly to the old masters of the

Dutch school, who painted pictures of

everyday life as they knew it. With her fine,

fair skin, she suited a light, natural, dewy

make-up. The Vermeer Girl loved homely

things, such as homemade soaps and candles.

The following artists would have liked to

paint you; Pieter de Hooch and Jan Vermeer.

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I pulled myself off the couch this afternoon to go blog hopping. Sometimes you just have to do that or should I say do both...pull yourself off the couch AND go blog hopping. As you may have guessed, I'm not feeling very well.

I found a link to this quiz. I admit, you have to be a little creative in answering it but I liked my result :). I'm a big fan of both Vermeer and de Hooch. In London we were able to see a couple of de Hooch's originals. I didn't want to stop looking at them. I want to go back to the National Gallery and sit in front of them for a very long time.

Well, what are you still doing reading this? Find out which artist would paint you!


Erin said...

Hi, Mom, fun quiz!!! Here's my results:

You have the Goya girl look. A Goya girl had an air of extreme elegance and sophistication. They liked richness of every kind. The artists excelled in painting brocades and tapestry, cloth of gold and silver, gauzy fabrics and black lace. You could have modeled for the great Spanish painters, such as Valasquez and Goya. Both were painters to the royal court of Spain.

Fun. :)


Anonymous said...

Mrs. McIntosh,
I love your quiz!!!! It is so fun!!!!! I am a Vermeer girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Mc, I was:
You have the Renoir girl look. Youd have enchanted the French Impressionists, who painted lively girls at work and play. Their models were ballet dancers, girls of Paris enjoying themselves at open air dances or in music halls and cafes, delighting in the sunshine or the bright lights of French nightlife. The Renoir girl loved to experiment with make-up and were fun loving, sexy yet elegant. The following painters would have loved to paint you; Dietz Edzard, Edourad Manet, Edgar Degas and Auguste Renoir.

Not sure of the fun loving, sexy yet elegant part. Maybe if you just cut that out, It would be cool!!!!


Cristina said...

Well, the girls gave me a talking to at church today, so I will post my results ;).

You have the Reynolds girl look. Reynolds girls had the typical British beauty. The eighteenth century British portrait painters would have been attracted by your brilliant complexion and your classical features. Sir Joshua Reynolds loved to paint girls like you in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Reynolds and other portrait painters of his time also portrayed blue eyed, dark-haired girls, and golden-haired ones too, plus the occasional red-head. The following painters would have painted you; Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Thomas Lawrence.