Saturday, February 18, 2006

Please pray!

Many of you know that we have doctor appointments made for next week in the Seattle area. Neither Brent nor I are sure about going to this doctor. We're just not sure if he's going to give us the help we need. I have been doing more research on the 'net trying to locate doctors that specialize in our condition. I've found a couple that I'll call on Monday to see if they might better help us. One is in Clarkston (30 miles away) and one is in Everett, WA just north of Seattle. I will also call the doctor's office (in Seattle) that we are scheduled to go to and ask them more questions.

We just gave up on a supplement that we have been on since the beginning of December. For the last month we were pretty sure that it wasn't doing anything for us anymore, but I continued to "hang in there" with it mostly because I wanted it to be the LAST THING. I didn't want to have to look for anything else anymore. I wanted it to cure us. A couple of weeks ago, we did get on something else to help supplement the other - as recommended by someone that is familiar with both products. But that addition didn't help and so now we've jumped back on an anti-fungal. We had to. We could barely move anymore. (Many of you also know the merry go round we've been on with anti-fungals, both natural and synthetic, and so you know that this anti-fungal will only work for a short time and then we'll need to begin another.)

Last night and this morning I read information about an infection that I had not read about before. What I've read so far about it is that 60-70% of candida overgrowth sufferers may have it. I will ask these doctors on Monday if they have heard of this, if they test for it, and if they do, what they prescribe to cure it. Maybe, just maybe, that is what we are dealing with. If it is, it sounds like it can still take several months to eradicate, but at least we'd be on our way.

Please pray that God will lead us to a doctor that will be able to help us to "get on our way" to recovery. We would like to get to a doctor next week as Brent already has the time off for it and we need some help now! Pray for us to standfast in the faith and not get discouraged as we end the usage of the supplement we thought would do the trick and as we start another. Please pray that the anti-fungal that we started taking last night will help us to feel better and start maintaining the yeast again so that we can do our every day chores. Thank you for the prayers you've been praying on our behalf already. We know they are heard and answered. We continue to rejoice in His faithfulness to us.

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