Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How prayers were answered

We found a doctor. Someone sat behind me at Psalm Sing on Sunday night. It occurred to her while she was singing right in back of me that she knew a doctor that might be able to help us. In fact, she was going to see that doctor the next day, did I want her to ask him if he could help?

Turns out that this doctor use to have a practice with the main doctor at the clinic we were going to go to. When my friend and her husband told this doctor about our problems he told them, "Yes I can help them, but it's complicated." Now that's an answer we appreciate. Our last two doctors didn't seem to think it should be very complicated and didn't understand why we weren't getting better.

He's in the Seattle area as well. We have to wait two more weeks to get in, but having this good personal reference (our friends really like this guy) helps us feel much better about making the effort and paying the big bucks to see him. The frosting on the cake is that both the nurse and receptionist that I talked to were very nice and helpful.

Another added bonus is that now we may be able to rehearse with the choir this week and get enough rest to sing in our Lenten concert next Friday. God is very kind!

Keep on praying : )


Anonymous said...

Good Job!! I hope the doctor works out.


Sherry said...

Yes, we hope he gets us "on our way." Thanks, Traci. Mrs. Mc