Thursday, February 16, 2006

Inside a Snow Globe

Today I lived inside of a snow globe. I love snow globe days. When it snowed in South Dakota or Iowa it was either cloudy or windy (usually both) so snow globes were the ultimate fantasy toy. But in Colorado and now in Idaho we occasionally have these ethereal-like days that remind me of those fantastical balls. Inside a snow globe, "snow time" is a magical time. A snow globe gets held up to the light to turn on the scene and no matter how hard you shake the globe the snow comes down gently and quaintly giving a wonderful, peaceful feeling to every beholder. That's what happened today. The sun shone very brightly and clear and the snow fell ever so sparkly and light. At times it was as if the globe had hardly been shaken, a sparse amount of laughing flakes fluttered here and drifted there. Then moments later, a flurry of flakes whirled around as if someone couldn't stop shaking the globe. The sunshine spotlighted the performance and made me want to clap and smile during the whole show. Then I realized I was part of the scene so I stepped lighter; enjoyed the elegance displayed around me; felt warmer. After living out several more weeks of researching doctors and medicine protocols/products; dwindling energy; and just plain not feeling well; it was a valentine from God: Don't worry, be happy. Laugh, smile, enjoy the show. I love you! Your Heavenly Father.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the day. Debby

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Mc,
I agree, yesterday was a gift from God. I actually was shaking my globe yesterday. :)


Edie said...

Hi Sherry, You are a very gifted writer. I hope you will continue to expand your talents. God is writing your story and wants you to share it with others. We actually had a Snow Globe Day here in was fabulous. I love you Aunt Edie