Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yesterday I spent about four hours researching and studying candida related issues. Before I can dig into these topics I always need to make sure I have on the armour of God. I can't read these things without carrying my shield of faith. There are several discussion groups on the web whose members suffer from the same disease that we do. It isn't easy reading how they have been flattened by candida overgrowth, most of them for several years. My shield of faith protects me from discouragement and hopelessness. As I wade through their discussions hoping to learn more about what we should do, I'm thankful that I've girded my loins with truth and know that God is in control and gives His people good gifts. I've been introduced to a society of people that I didn't even know existed a year ago. I'm thankful that I know about them now. I'm thankful not only because their experiences can help us, but also because I'm less ignorant. God's teaching us. Even though it's not with all the schoolbooks we think we should be learning from right now, we're learning important things.

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