Monday, January 30, 2006


I asked Erin to proofread my last post before I published it out on my blog. All was fine until she came to the part, "...and we've had crazings like you wouldn't believe." " you mean cravings?" she asked. "Oops...well, we've had crazings like they wouldn't believe either, but that's a story for another day," I giggled.

Crazings is my newly invented word for things that we can laugh about now, but we thought were driving us to insanity at the time they occured. Here's a short example: Watching the movie, Napoleon Dynamite. Never watch a movie about dull people when you are feeling the dullest you've ever felt in your life. It isn't funny. Watching a movie about dull people is only funny if you are feeling brilliant and bright and can laugh at their dullness (because certainly you could never be that dull.)

A crazing that took a little longer for us to classify as such was the day Brady overdosed on one of his medications (it looked just like another pill he was taking and the bottles got mixed up.) I called the pharmacy and spilled out our mistake to my favorite pharmacist who calmly told me he'd check things out and call me back. Brent, along with Billy, quickly researched the side effects. When Brent called back he told me that Brady was going to get very drowsy, but to keep him awake as long as possible (preferably until bedtime) because he could get terrible hallucinations and muscle spasms if he slept. It was just past noon. Okay, we'll watch a movie, I decided picking up the Star Wars movie we had just borrowed. Nothing doing. You would have thought I put on lullaby music instead of inter-galactic wars, he was nodding off in minutes. "Brady, you have to stay awake!" I exclaimed. "I can't watch a movie then," he replied drowsily. I needed to think fast. How in the world were we going to keep him awake for the next seven to eight hours? "I want to go to bed, Mom," yawned Brady with his eyelids almost all the way closed. "NO, YOU CAN'T!" I panicked. "We'll...we'll...we'll play Gamecube with you," I choked out desperately. I had never played Gamecube before in my life. I had never had any desire to play Gamecube. The closest I had gotten to playing a video game with Brady was playing "Wheel of Fortune" on his old Sega Genesis. "You will?" Brady asked surprisedly, peeking through his heavy eyelids. "Yeah, whatever you want, right Erin?" Erin quickly started getting the game out. We started with a snowboarding game. All the laughing about how bad mom was perked Brady right up. We played all together at first and then Erin and I started taking turns with him. After awhile we hopefully suggested doing something else, but Brady was sure this was the only thing that was going to keep him alert. We kept him at it for four hours and then Brent came home and played with him for two more. By then it was supper time. He ate. Giving him a full stomach was not the key to keeping him awake. But by then it was seven in the evening. We had done the best we could. Brady crawled into bed with probably no recollection of even hitting the pillow. We didn't see or hear from him (thankfully!) until late the next morning. He'd gotten a few slight muscle spasms that afternoon, but nothing serious, and no bad hallucinations during the night.

Now that's a crazing!


Traci said...

Mrs. Mc, :)

When I read your blog, I burst out laughing. I'm still trying to hold it down. I can just imagine you and Erin trying to keep Brady awake. Game Cube for 4 hours? WOW! That's amazing, I don't think I could do that.

Thanks for the laugh,

Cristina said...

That is exactly what I did Traci! Those were my exact dame thoughts too.
I was on the computer and started cracking up, Michael looks over at me and says, "What?" I could not answer him. Hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Is accidentally putting your eggs in the freezer instead of the refrigerator and not discovering them until they are frozen solid a "crazing"?
We're having eggless cornbread for dinner tonight!
Lisa V.

Sherry said...

Glad I could provide some laughs. What we parents do for our kids :)
Mrs. Mc

Cristina said...

whoops!!! I meant to put "Same" in my previouse comment. I really should read over them BEFORE I post. Sorry!