Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Erin's 15th!

Erin is pictured playing the role of Elizabeth Montgomery at her murder/mystery dinner party held at the Mazzing Mansion (McIntosh home) on Friday, the 13th. Seven other girls, Brady, a friend of mine who played the maid (what a kind friend!), and I also had parts. Erin's character turned out to be the murderer - much to everyone's surprise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. McIntosh,

I really like your blog. This is my favorite post so far.
Happy Birthday ERIN!

I had a great time at that party!

Miss Emily Stratford (Traci)

Cristina Plaza said...

Hi Mrs. McIntosh,
I found a link to your blog on Erin's blog. It is great! Thanks for having such a great party for Erin. It was sooooo much fun!

Miss. Hyacinth Huntington (Cristina)

Sherry said...

Thanks girls. It was a grand time, wasn't it?!

Lady Mazzing