Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 2nd Eleven Days of October

As you might have imagined after looking at all the pictures, we were a bit "done in" after our trip. But, oh, so thankful! When we were walking off the plane of our last flight home, Erin remarked, "This feels like the first vacation we've had since our England trip." And indeed it had.

At the doctor's visit, Brady was examined first. He walked back into the waiting room with a grin on his face. For the first time ever, he had held his adjustment from the last visit. Erin was called next. In a few minutes, she slipped out of the examination room, while I walked towards it, having just been called. I had to turn and look at her after she passed to verify that she was going back to the waiting room, not the quiet room (where you go for 20 minutes after getting adjusted, so that you don't immediately go out shopping, for instance, and have an accident bumping into someone who is reaching for the same pair of shoes on the sales rack). Erin was "in" as well. (Even after falling head and arm first onto cement this summer.) So it looked like I might be the one to spoil the party. I couldn't believe it when the doctor told me I was fine. All the office staff were so happy for us.

Usually, if we've been treated, we return to the doctor for two or three check-ups. And we have to "lie low" the first day or two and not do too much. But none of that this time. Since we had planned a day in Los Angeles and a special stop in Salt Lake City, we didn't change our airplane tickets. Brent's family (aunt, cousin and her husband,) helped us with a little cooking and grocery shopping so we could have some fun. It humbles me to think of the kindness they, Brent, my parents, and all of our Salt Lake family members showed in their labor for us, so we could use what energy we had to enjoy ourselves. Many thanks to those who prayed for our trip, too.

We had "paybacks" when we came home. But I've seen worse. Besides feeling really sick and tired, the freezer and refrigerator were empty (our food came with us on the trip.) But we're always glad to be back in our own beds and to eventually get back to the rest routine that we need during the day.

We're very thankful for the times of fun and fellowship with loved ones that we've been given this year. We need those times. They feed and encourage us.

So who wants to visit at Thanksgiving or Christmas? We'll be here!


santiago y santiago said...
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The Mother Archer said...

Whoo Hoo! Progress! True, measurable progress! Yeah! And what a pleasure to see the family pics. Satisfying.! Doing a happy dance with you.....