Monday, October 27, 2008

First 11 days of October

1 visit to the doctor in Tustin, CA. Just ONE. For the first time ever, none of us needed a treatment!
2 excursions to the beach in Carlsbad, CA. The kids and Brent tried boogie boarding on our second visit.
3 hours aboard the USS Midway (aircraft carrier) at the harbor in San Diego. Amazing!
4 author (two of them illustrators, as well) readings/visits in Irvine, CA, at my sister's house(!) in South Jordan, UT, and Bountiful, UT. Erin's favorite author showed up at my sister's house one morning *squee*; a surprise arranged by an on-line friends of E's when she realized that my sister and Shannon Hale, are practically neighbors.
5 table treats for Miss Lexington (aka Lexie, a pug dog,) at Aunt Dorothy's house. I know, I never do that, but I had just had to give in because she looked up at me with such sad eyes.
6 hours spent in the Denver airport. Four going, two back. We have our special table, near the bookstore, where we're able to unpack and eat our "gourmet" lunch during the layover. I think the girls at the cookie shop close to our table have started to recognize us and, of course, we've befriended the bookseller girl - the one that has read almost every book in the shop.
7 movie billboards spotted in Hollywood, CA. One was several stories tall.
8 instruments (at least) we tried playing at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad.
9 holes of golf for Brady, Brent, and Ken in South Jordan, UT.
10 of "our gang" enjoyed watching Pixar's "Wall-E" together at a dollar theater in Sandy, UT.
11 days without baking! My baked goods held out for the whole trip, thanks to my mom's preparations before the trip, along with pancakes waiting for me in Salt Lake that she had prepared during their visit there the week before, plus a nice big batch of cookies that Brent surprised us with when joining us on the fifth day.

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