Friday, October 26, 2007

California fires

A year ago this week we were in Southern California visiting our doctor. I remember there being a fire clear over in Palm Springs and the smoke bothering us.

Now the whole area, in which we were staying and doctoring, is on fire. We tried to call my husband's cousin last night to see if how they are, but we couldn't get a hold of her. I want to call our doctor's office to see how everyone is doing. Are they even open?

Erin knows an author in Tustin (the city our doctor's office is) and this is what she had to say last night:

We're back now. Yes, we were evacuated at 8pm Monday night. Six fire trucks roared down our street with fog horns telling us to leave. We didn't argue. We ended up at the Anaheim Hilton, one of the only places that took pets. We almost had to leave again yesterday when the winds shifted blowing the fire back in our direction. But we were so lucky. So many people lost everything. Right now the fires are still burning but not as close. The hills behind my home are black. I feel so bad for the wildlife. Deer have been running down our street in broad daylight. Also we didn't have lookie loos jumping our fence to take pictures of the fires. Some neighbor's fences were torn down by this. Thank goodness for fire fighters, many who had worked straight for two days, some came in right off the Malibu fires. They are true heroes in my eyes.

Today on her live journal: There's a fire right over the hill, probably by Live Oak Canyon. The air is horrible and school has been out all week. I've lived in So. Ca for almost twenty years and I don't remember this ever happening!
The Santiago fires are back to only 30% contained. There's a $250,000 award for any info on who could have done this.

We're praying. Among our prayers for containment of the fire, protection of lives, homes,and offices, is a thanksgiving prayer that we're at home right now.

Edit: Just talked to my husband's cousin. They've been staying with her mom (dh's aunt,) because of health reasons. She lives pretty close to the coast. They did get a call to evacuate, but decided to stay and watch things since they aren't up against the hills. They don't have air conditioning and the temps are in the 80s. They can't open up the windows, though, because of the smoke, so they're warm. Otherwise, they're doing okay.

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Traci said...

Thank you so much for the update, Mrs. M! We have lots of family in CA and one of my uncles, who is the head of police has been working 12 hours days trying to control everything....