Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My daughter's best friend has brought sunshine and smiles. She's visiting us from out-of-state (way out-of-state!) for a little over a week.

A neighbor in my parish graciously drove the 90 miles to the airport to get her and deliver her to our door.

A friend, from church, delivered goodies so we'd have extra food on hand for our friend's visit.

Another devoted friend laid a sackful of several homemade frozen dinners, for my dh, on my lap right after I seated myself at church on Sunday.

After a beautifully sunny, warm day yesterday, today we're getting a gentle rain. The fall-colored leaves simply glow through the light gray backdrop.

Brady's learning to improvise on his guitar, adding cool depth to songs on his CDs. So we're rockin...


Erin said...


Traci said...

WAHOO!!!!! :D

Bohae said...

*Happy and Smiling*

Sherry said...

Thanks for the cheers! God is faithful.