Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Update

It's here, Erin's weekend to perform in the Velveteen Rabbit. She's ready and her health is better going into opening night then it was for the last three plays she's been in. THANK YOU for praying. It will still be a hard push, but with God's grace her voice (along with the rest of her body) will hold up.

The local newspaper ran pictures and an article in yesterday's paper. We knew enough to expect some quotes to be turned around, but, just want them to be able to get things mostly right. Poor Stormy (who plays Andrew the little boy) was quoted as saying her dad use to read the book aloud to her. Unfortunately, she's never known her dad, it was her grandmother. And they make Miss Erin (of all people) to appear practically illiterate. The paragraph in the paper says: 'Erin M., who plays the velveteen rabbit, pondered whether she'd heard of the story before she auditioned for her part to the play. She shook her head at first, and then smiled suddenly, "The fairy. I remember the Fairy Flower at the end of the story," she said, "I remember liking that part." ' The question that was actually put to her was, "Do you remember the first time the story was read to you?" (And E. didn't say anything about "Flower" in reference to the Fairy.)

Brady isn't feeling good at all these days. We are suspicious that a small accident has caused his atlas to go out of adjustment. The kids and I will head to S. Cal. the middle of this month for a check-up. Brent can't come along (we're really trying to save his vacation time so we can go to Iowa this summer and celebrate his folks' 50th anniversary.)

We haven't started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet yet, but we are gathering resources in order to do so. I have no illusion of being able to keep strictly to this diet without help, but it looks like we will have some extra help real soon. We hope to get started the week after we get back from California. The more I read about the diet, the more I think it is going to help us. I'm looking forward to having extra support in the kitchen again, which will contribute to our diet's success. If there isn't anything around for us to eat, we'll jump off the diet quick as a wink.

In closing, we were wonderfully treated to a lovely homemade May Day basket, on the 1st, complete with colorful, petite daffodils and miniature carnations. The deliverers made a quick getaway and the card wasn't signed. Who can we thank? If you're reading this, you brightened our day :-)

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