Thursday, May 24, 2007

Prayers for Brady

So, we were in California last week visiting the chiropractor. Brady and Erin both needed adjustments and I was still holding. (I've held now for one year!)

Brady usually gets relief soon after getting his atlas adjusted. This time he didn't. His neck and head continued to cause him a great deal of pain. Something wasn't right, but we weren't sure what it was. The doctor thought perhaps he'd been out so long that it was taking him longer to get relief. My "mom" instincts knew that wasn't the case.

Thankfully, we had already planned on going directly to our biofeedback person, a couple hours or so from our home, before actually coming back to our hometown after California. We had treatments on Saturday. We found out that Brady has a virus that is causing neck and brain inflammation. Aha!

A virus like this can be very dangerous and so we are keeping a close eye on it with more biofeedback treatments. This morning he finally had a little relief from his intense pain, but this afternoon it's hitting him again. He is even feeling too badly to do his 3-D artwork which has been such a good outlet for him during his illness.

Please pray for God's continued protection for him. We are asking God to be merciful to him and take this virus away.

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Acting Gal said...

Oh my gosh! That's horrible! We will be praying...