Monday, May 07, 2007

I can dance! I love to dance! Velveteen Rabbit, from the play based on the story by Margery Williams

We're doing a dance around here after the great performances of our community theatre's Velveteen Rabbit. God blessed Erin with a strong voice and body (even after a shoulder-first fall onto our cement sidewalk on Saturday.) It was SUPER fun to see Miss E. act so much. Her other roles have just been teasers for me- they left me wanting more. For once, I felt like we were able to see her true colors. Kudos Erin, thanks for working so hard to share your incredible talent.

We're so grateful for all the prayers lifted up on her behalf. God simply showed His amazing grace to us.

I could dance all summer! Velveteen Rabbit, (from the play)

Here's to more dancing!


Acting Gal said...

Erin was wonderful!

The Mother Archer said...

Congratulations to Erin and all! I'm so happy for you. I prayed for her. What a gift of an experience!