Sunday, November 19, 2006

November Beauty

I love the colors that branches show after their leaves are gone. This is at the edge of our neighborhood. Can you find the winter wheat?

I spotted this old farm implement (rake) at the edge of a field a mile or so down the rode from our neighborhood. The only sound to be heard while taking the picture was the croak of a frog.

Isn't winter wheat grand? To think we catch glimpses of green in the fall and winter... That just didn't happen in the Midwest.

Our ornamental pear tree in our front yard was full of glory this year. And what makes its shine all the more appealing is that it waits until the maples across the street are all dull and drab before it gives the neighborhood the *grand finale*.


Erin said...

My favorites are the second and last. So pretty!

Traci said...

Those are so pretty, Mrs.M!!!!!!

Our neighborhood is just gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Mrs. M! Thank you for posting them!