Saturday, January 03, 2009

Photo of the Week

Brady, Traci, and I have each decided to post our favorite photo, that we've taken during the week, on each Saturday of this year. Erin has started a new blog called chromatic aberration on which she will post a photo each day. The blog is a two person effort: Erin and another senior girl, Jocelyn -who lives across the country from Erin- will each provide us with a glimpse of their day for the 365 days that make up 2009. Make sure you check out each link.

I took this photo of Traci from my kitchen window as the kids were venturing out for some sledding. Traci lives in the south now and our snow days were a big treat. It was a nice week's visit - a gift for which we're all thankful.


Erin said...


Traci said...

hahaha, wow, that's me! :D
I'm off to post my picture, yay! :)