Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holding on to what I've been given lately

~ a sunshiny morning yesterday and my backyard walk in the fluffiest snow ever

~ the fun, annual event of watching (the delayed video feed of) the ALA Youth Media Awards with E (yesterday afternoon)

~reading my third book this month of a new-to-me author, Beth Kephart

~a personal book recommendation from this author

~the theme song from Chariots of Fire showing up on my Ipod shuffle play as I gathered energy to prepare lunch today

~a new attempt for me to try to connect with the outside world: Facebook

~the creative ideas my son comes up with during our mealtime discussions

~an appointment, to consult with a new doctor, tomorrow noon; the result of a friend sharing some of her research from her own recent quest


Sue Jackson said...

What a wonderful list of things to be grateful for! I hope your appointment with the new doctor went well.

Enjoy your weekend road trip with your daughter - what a great idea!

We are huge road trip fans. It just works well for us. I can nap while my husband drives, we make our own schedule, and we have built-in down time in the car to prevent us from doing too much. I hope you've got some great audio books to take along!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Maya Ganesan said...

Isn't Beth amazing? I read House of Dance yesterday and loved it.

And I love your post title. Pretty.

Sherry said...

Sue, Thanks, I'm doing all the driving so 'twill be interesting. :)

Maya, Yes. And the title is kinda stolen from a K.T. Tunstall song.

The Mother Archer said...

Are you happy with the new Dr.?

Thinking of you.....