Friday, November 07, 2008

The Lamplighter

Now that we've "fallen back" with the ending of Daylight Savings Time, night-time creeps up and surprises us with a sort of gloom. It takes a few days to gain a perspective of what we've gained by the early darkness; such as times to gather around the table for warm bowls of soup, longer conversations at the table, a cozy book or show to entertain us, more time to think and plan, and hopefully even the desire to go to bed earlier - rest more.

Another added bonus: The evening neighborhood walk becomes filled with quiet views of people warmly ending their days in the comfort of their unique little nests, which gives me a sense of contentedness and eagerness to get back to my own home and end my day well. The mysteries unveiled (or not,) when walking in the dark, almost take away the chill of the damp November nights. If lamplighter's were still needed, I'd be with the child in the poem.

The Lamplighter

My tea is nearly ready and the sun has left the sky.
It's time to take the window to see Leerie going by;
For every night at teatime and before you take your seat,
With lantern and with ladder he comes posting up the street.

Now Tom would be a driver and Maria go to sea,
and my papa's a banker and as rich as he can be;
But I when I am stronger and can choose what I'm to do,
O Leerie, I'll go round at night and light the lamps with you!

For we are very lucky, with a lamp before the door,
and Leerie stops to light it as he lights so many more;
And oh! before you hurry by with ladder and with light;
O Leerie, see a little child and nod to him tonight!

Robert Louis Stevenson

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Cloudscome said...

What a sweet poem for fall. Last night we lit candles all around the pumpkins and gourds in the middle of our dinner table. So cozy!

I hate the drive home in the dark but love the lighting of candles on these long evenings.

janet said...

I share your love for those glimpses of cozy scenes. Thanks for reminding me of that perk of the season.

holly cupala said...

Sherry, thank you for your kind response to Princess Pia, and for this beautiful Stevenson poem - Janet's right. These are the perks of the season, the light amidst the darkness.