Friday, November 21, 2008

While browsing through an old spring issue of The New Yorker magazine, "One Can Miss Mountains" caught my eye. I loved it and I needed to find more - so I immediately Googled the author's name to find his website. I'm so happy to discover a new poet to enjoy. Todd has kindly given me permission to post the poem here. Samples of his poetry, (including audios of him reciting it,) and information about his books can be found at

One Can Miss Mountains

and pine. One

can dismiss
a whisper's

and go on as

before as if
everything were

perfectly fine.
One does. One

loses wonder
among stores

of things.
One can even miss

The basso boom
of the ocean's

rumpus room
and its rhythm.

A man can leave
this earth

and take nothing
--not even

along with him.

Todd Boss

Poetry Friday at Brimstone Soup

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