Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Western humor

One of the sights we see on our drive to our doctor's office is an old range, with its oven door open, sitting alone in a rancher's pasture. Who knows how long ago it was relinquished of it's kitchen duties to provide an attraction to passers-by; at least nine years (since we've lived here.) A sign on top instructs any confused Easterners with the words "Open Range."

But today when we drove by, the range no longer stood by itself. A herd of goats had surrounded it closely, all of them lying down. The goats blocked the view to the open oven door, but you could still tell they were resting by an old stove top oven. They seemed to be contentedly waiting for their dinner. So cute! We decided the sign should now read, "Home on the Range."


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That is so awesome!

Jen-Jen said...

Hi Sherry,
thanks for your response to my post -- I had started to wonder whether anyone read it, since I almost never update it.

You may email me at jredwine at yahoo dot com with the info you mentioned about vitamin K. I'm interested in what it is.