Saturday, August 23, 2008

I needed music today

A few reasons why -
  • Dh was working 9-7 today with no lunch break and not a day off in sight until Tuesday.
  • When Brady moved his computer out of the kitchen and downstairs this summer, he took along our iPod speakers, creating silence where it hadn't been found for awhile (which seemed nice for a time).
  • I way overdid yesterday and while I had a book on tape just waiting to reveal its thickening plot, there was no way I could listen.
  • Oh come one, there doesn't need to be a reason for music.
So I needed refueling while trying to keep up my responsibilities in the kitchen (translate: so the kids and I would have something to eat today.)

Music that kept me going:

A bunch of selections of this season's American Idols' songs. Digression: Yes, I watched American Idol when it reached the final ten this year, for the first time ever. (Our first year with satellite TV, so we could get the channel.) Erin, her friend C who'd come over for the show, and I had a great time cheering and crying and going to YouTube after the show to listen to our favorite performances of the night as the two teens voted. But sadly, we weren't together for the season finale. C was traveling in a foreign country and Erin and I were heading north to stay overnight near the airport to fly to SD the next day. Erin and I calculated what time we'd arrive at the hotel and realized we'd be able to catch the last important hour. So in order to still make it a special night, Erin and I downloaded favorite songs of the season's final 7 Idol performers to listen to in the car during the drive.

Anyway, I re-listened to them all today. Lots of fun. What's cool about many of the songs is that they are ones I grew up listening to, except these very talented contestants made them "their own," which gives the songs a fresh, new sound. For instance, I discovered this season, that I really enjoy Neil Diamond songs if he is not singing them. (Sorry to any fans who are throwing tomatoes right now, this may be a sad fact, but true.) One song that we don't have yet, but need to is the song David Cook sang on his "crowning" moment, "Time of My Life." That is a good "fuel-up" song.

Here's some of our other iPod selections that kept me "keeping on" today:

It's Only Life, Kate Voegele
Hold On, KT Tunstall
Take a Bow, Rihanna I get such a kick out of this song ;)
Fearless, Daechelle
On the Radio, Regina Spektor
Us, Regina Spektor
Viva la Vida, ColdPlay
Violet Hill, ColdPlay
Home, Vanessa Carlton

I would have listened to some Lifehouse, too, but Brady just has their songs on our Dell DJ Ditty (whatever you call it that came free with our laptop).

However, even the fuel from music isn't enough to keep Brent from coming home to some dirty dishes. I still have music to listen to, but my battery has run down and needs a major re-charging.


Erin said...

I'm so proud...I'm responsible for all of that musical goodness (except for Lifehouse). :D

Traci said...

great music!!!

Sherry said...

Yeah Erin, thanks! And I'm thankful that I trained you up to know fun music when you hear it. ;-)