Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Family Update

A peek at our summer:
  • Shortly after arriving home from our late spring vacation to the Midwest, our good friends and former neighbors, the VDs, came back to town to finish packing things up for the sale (finally) of their home. Their oldest daughter stayed at our house almost the whole time. Much fun was had by all - but now they're really gone. *sigh*
  • Dh drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in July, to spend a few days with the "clan" during their bi-annual reunion. I bet not many other family reunions include a day of everyone going to the hospital for blood tests and eye exams as part of an on-going, University of Iowa study for Macular Degeneration.
  • We said goodbye to yet more close family friends this summer. Two other families. *another sigh* One of which had left town before we were back from our trip because of an unexpected moving date change. Thankfully, we were blessed with spending a few days together with the other family before their departure: a picnic and hike at a beautiful park outside of town; a wonderful night of group Psalm singing (with some of the songs accompanied beautifully by violins, cello, and oboe) and ice cream socializing; and a 4th of July get-together at our house.
  • Erin's broken arm (from trying out a Ripstick) has healed! We're happy to report that Brady has managed to stay free of broken bones since bringing two boards back from Iowa. He has gone "ripsticking" all over town this summer with his friend, J. They have the honor of starting a Ripsticking trend in our neighborhood.
  • Brady had the opportunity to be with other student designers/artists for a full day of art workshops at the local university.
  • Play rehearsals are in full swing for Erin for Fiddler on the Roof. Please pray for her these next two weeks of final rehearsals and performances. She's doing pretty well, health-wise, so far. She rests up all day until she needs to leave for practice at 6:00 pm. But now the hours get longer and the last week will be seven days straight - not what her body will like.
  • We've been eating lots of farm fresh eggs, vegetables, and a little fruit from the Farmer's Market. One of the farmers grows the best English cucumbers! It's all deliciously yummy. We've also been blessed with farm fresh goat's milk. I make our 24-hour fermented (to take out the lactose and change the casein) yogurt, which we are finally able to handle, with this. And someone gave dh a birthday present of a bunch of precious huckleberries she had picked.
  • Many gorgeous summer days with reading breaks outside watching Peter, a little baby bunny, growing up in our back yard. Sunny, warm, and bug-free outdoor lounging makes up a little for my non-napping ability!
Above photo: Patriarchs and matriarchs of the family (from right to left,) Brent's dad, Dorothy, Norma, Lowell (3 siblings are deceased.)

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you have rabbit in your backyard? no fair!! :D