Sunday, May 25, 2008

South Dakota

Springtime on the Prairie

A handful of "Johnny Jump-ups" by the creek.
Toad-catching season!

My aunt presented this beautiful (store bought) bouquet to us when we landed in Fargo, ND. She remembered we had them at our wedding.

(photos by Sherry and Erin)


Traci said...

hooray for beautiful pictures and toads! *random story* My dad walked down to our apartment's pond the other night and came back saying that he saw hundreds and hundreds of quarter size frogs/toads everywhere. The next day I saw some and they were so so cool! ;) *end of random story*

Nicole said...

Nice photos! My mom was born in South Dakota. Her whole family on my grandmother's side is from there.

Sherry said...

Nicole, Do you know where in South Dakota?

Nicole said...

They were from Pierre. They moved to California when my mom was 3. My great great grandfather was famous for owning the very first automobile in the state! At the time it was a big deal and they wrote a book about it.

Sherry said...

What's the name of the book Nicole? I suppose it may be out of print, but it would be fun to read. I grew up in the northeast corner of the state and vacationed almost every year in the Black Hills.

Nicole said...

I don't know the name of the book. It was out of print ages ago. One of my relatives did get a hold of it somehow though. You can see a brief bio here:
I would like to visit SD sometime. I have never been. My grandparent moved here when my mom was 3 along with almost the whole clan.