Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Seven of us rellies of Jessie (left) road-tripped up to Fergus Falls, MN for the afternoon to help her celebrate her high school graduation. It was all great fun and my dad didn't even get stopped for speeding on the way home (inside joke from when they went up to Nicole's (right) graduation party a couple of years ago.) They live on Swan Lake and we had a special treat of watching a bald eagle fly around while we were there.
My soon-to-be 91 year old grandpa telling some of his World War II stories at the party.
My soon-to-be 9 year old nephew, Adam, loves legos. He reminds me a lot of Brady at that age.
A little rain (just sprinkles, really) passed through after we'd gotten back to the farm that night. The humidity skyrocketed like crazy.

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Traci said...

Thank you for pictures!! Oh my gosh, Erin was right, Adam is SO CUTE!! ;D