Saturday, November 17, 2007

Update for B

In my previous post about B, I was too tired to go into what the doc thinks is causing the breathing problems and chest pain. Basically it is a ph problem in his body that causes stress on his kidneys. The ph problem probably stems from the unbalanced bad bacteria in the colon, so there you go...the endless cycle which, I believe, not only caused this whole illness, but continues to keep us from getting better.

The doc gave B a supplement to help support his kidneys, but after taking it a few days, Brady was having stomach problems. When we went back to the doctor on Thursday, he said that B's gut needs some more healing before he can take the supplement. Yeah, so what else is new? It was discouraging to have to get off the supplement, but the doctor says that the NMT treatments can help his gut to start to heal, too.

I've decided we need to try juicing again. We just can't handle raw vegetables, but I've read that when you juice them they are more tolerable then just plain raw. Juicing removes the fiber. The cooked vegetables that we've been eating the last several months just aren't giving us enough nutrients and healing. The first (and only) time we juiced some veggies, the three of us could absolutely not stand it - that was about a year ago. I'll try to find some different recipes that might work and we'll try again. Gotta boost that ph!

In the meantime, he is off the prescription medicine and his breathing has significantly improved and the chest pain has gone away. Unfortunately, his stomach isn't back to normal yet, so he's still suffering in a way that makes his days hard. Thanks for reading. Keep praying!


Traci said...

Thanks again for the update, Mrs. M. I hope that B's stomach starts feeling better really soon!

Sherry said...

Thank you!