Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stuck in Traffic

On an e-mail prayer update today, a friend, who has chronic fatigue, wrote: "What’s it like to have chronic fatigue? It is like your body is a car with the majority of the spark plug wires pulled out and given only a quart of gas to do a road trip with. It chugs along haltingly and stops when the meager supply of gas is used up, waiting for another quart to be put in." She went on to explain that she had felt she was going 15 miles/hour in a 70 mile/hour speed zone for a long time, but recently she has experienced an increase of energy to put her at about 30 mph. Hooray!

Our son, Brady, would describe himself "stuck in traffic on empty." Even though he was chronically fatigued before, in the last six months or so he has become increasingly disabled. When trying to "get out into traffic" he finds himself having chest pains and breathing problems. All that pollution, you know...(little did we know how close to the truth this was until yesterday.)

He's had times when those pains and breathing problems have reached emergency proportions. The first time was the weekend before our trip to SD and IA, in which we took him to the emergency room. Chest x-rays, EKG, and a test for a stomach ulcer all turned out clear. The doctor guessed it was a virus settled in the chest and said it should clear up in a few days. Well, it didn't and thankfully we were able to use our Rife machine and long distance SCIO treatments to help him through rough spots on our trip.

In September, we found a new doctor for him, as the chest pain and breathing problems were still a concern, not escalating quite as badly as in June, usually, but keeping Brady just plain DOWN. His artwork had become too much of an effort for him. Video games and movies became the vehicle to get through the day. In October, after receiving the results of many tests, we still didn't have many answers except his blood was thick and his adrenals were very depressed.

This weekend his chest pain and breathing problems reached emergency "red light status" again. The problem had been building for two weeks, seemingly after getting on new medicine and supplements from the doctor. We called the doctor on Saturday- not much help there, just a recommendation for further lab tests on Monday, with results getting to his office in a couple of days or so. "This kid can't breathe TONIGHT!" I wanted to scream.

We tried treatments on the Rife machine and aspirin for relief. Saturday night he barely slept - slipping in and out of consciousness between hallucinations. That he made it through the night at all was God's grace. Our SCIO gal was out of town and couldn't help us until Sunday night, at which time she hooked him up and ran him through the night. He slept a bit better.

Thankfully, the new doctor that we started up with in late September, had referred us to another doctor 90 miles north of us that we had visited once each of the last two weeks. He had an opening on Monday morning and Brady was able to have an exam and an NMT treatment. This doctor could tell us what was happening - Wow!

Now we know that Brady isn't having a hard time getting oxygen (what the other doctors assumed as their starting point,) he is having a hard time getting rid of carbon dioxide. Bingo! Could this be why his brain keeps getting more and more clouded? His body has been poisoning itself for six months. (And yeah, the doctor also thinks he knows why, but that's a different post.)

Today he is quite a bit better. He's still not breathing normally, but the chest pain has gone away. The SCIO gal gave him a full treatment after his NMT treatment in the morning, yesterday, and let the machine run on him all through last night again. Also, we have decided to get him off a prescription medicine he started taking two weeks ago for his adrenals to see if that helps. We have to slowly wean him off that even though it's only been two weeks of treatment.

What is a SCIO or Rife machine you ask? Or NMT (neuromodulation) treatments? They both have to do with a Quantum Physics approach to studying our bodies (versus a chemical approach.) No, I don't have the vocabulary right now to be able to describe it to you intelligently. But yes, I believe these treatments have been instruments used by God in granting our son life protection. Thanks be to God!


Carol said...

HI Sherry,

I hope this diagnosis is on the mark...how does one get rid of CO2 in the body if the body isn't doing it?

You are all in my thoughts and prayers so much.

When we spoke on the phone a while back I told you about chest pains I had had over the past year, most recently in June...I know how scarey it is...like you're having a heart attack--can't take a deep breath without the pain sharpening. I think mine, however, were caused by anxiety & stress; don't know...

Anyway, I just want to say how much I love you. You are still my lovely sister and I want you to be well.


Traci said...

Thank you for the update, Mrs. M! Our family will continue praying for all of you and for comfort for Brady.

Sherry said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I just posted (17th) what needs to happen for B to quit having these problems. Thanks for the encouragement! S

Hi Traci,
Thanks for continuing to pray! S