Friday, July 27, 2007


We're in northeast Oregon for a couple of days for a wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing Brady all decked out in a tux as a groomsman tomorrow for a friend (R) who shares his love for film. We've never been down in this area of the state before, but Brady's friend met a gal from down here and so here we are! Also in this area is a friend, (A,) Brady met through his computer art 3-d work that lives just a few miles away from where we're staying tonight and so he came over to our motel for a short visit this afternoon.

We had met A a couple of months ago in Washington, as he was in the same town we were - we, for treatments, and he, for a concert. He and Brady spent a couple hours at Starbucks talking 3-d art and later we all went to the concert. He played the cello in an orchestra.

This new friend has a mom and a brother that suffer from chronic fatigue. He really knows what Brady (and Erin and I) have been up against so he can relate a bit better then others can. It's been a treat to be able to see him twice, but it's been even better that he befriended Brady more than a year ago and has encouraged him in many ways.

I'm glad Brady is getting this weekend. God's faithfulness to him is so apparent as we spend this time with friends. These friendships have blossomed because of opportunities that came about from his long-term illness. Hear and know that the Lord is good.


Bohae said...

:) God is amazing, isn't He? Friendships can only fully ripen under the caring eye of God...

Acting Gal said...

That is really great!
Please take some pictures so I can see Brady in a tux. It's just a little hard to imagine. ;)