Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Last week, I had my second phone consultation with the Health Realities office in Colorado. My iron and protein levels had improved a little. Not nearly enough yet though.

In December, they had hinted that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) might be something that would be helpful for me. I had already looked into this diet from the recommendation of a friend at church. Absolutely no grains nor starches are allowed. Something that they do allow, but we have been off of, is cultured dairy. I was skeptical for two reasons: 1) NO GRAINS?!! - not even a bowl of brown rice now and then? Not even rice powder or any kind of starch as an additive can be in supplements or medicines that you take. 2) We had been shown by various tests that we were allergic to dairy - especially the casein protein found in dairy.

This time, it was highly recommended that I get on the diet. After I hung up the phone, I decided to do a little test. No starches or grains for a week (I didn't make it that long) to see if I felt better. The answer was yes. I could see a little difference in some things.

Now the overwhelming task of trying to prepare to get on this diet and stay on it. It may be necessary to stay on it as much as a year or more. Strict adherence is necessary in order for it to work. I need things like a yogurt maker, yogurt starter, raw goat's milk, dry curd cottage cheese (which I'm finding out no one within 90 miles or so can get,) and almond flour in bulk. I also need to carefully peruse all the ingredients of my supplements and replace all of them that have "illegal" ingredients.

We've been gluten-free/dairy-free a year without the results all of our doctors were hoping for. This is worth a try...I guess. It is so hard to get my mind around it. I finally have learned the ins and outs of gluten- free baking and have assorted flours in my cupboards and freezers with yummy recipes all organized so nicely in my accordian file. This is another major deal and mentally I'm not handling it the way I should be for having seen some results (of being off the grains and starches) in just a few short days.

On the plus side there is amazing Internet and email support for people who are on this diet. I immediately joined an e-mail loop to ask some questions. Just by reading the e-mails on this list for a few days, I'm counting my blessings for the health I do have. My questions have been answered so quickly and generously. I know that I can do this...if I can just quit thinking of what I have to give up. Think CHEESE, I tell myself. It's been a long time since that's been in the house.


Erin said...

Cheese, Grommit!

The Mother Archer said...

Yeah, Sheri! Go, Sheri! This is the diet that saved me. Want encouragement? Go to and read all the feedback of praise on the book and diet. One of my favorite breakfasts was bananas mashed and mixed with eggs and fried, then honey on top. Mmmn, Mmmn, sweet energy and protien to last awhile. Any my favorite heavenly dessert was mashed bananas on yogurt with honey. Mmmn, Mmmm! I stopped losing weight with that one. Now I'm all recovered except I still need potassium supplements 3x day. I've tried to reduce - can't reduce. Sometimes the body just doesn't get young again, but praise God for the help we can get! I'm so excited for you! It is not hard to stay on! Also make soups from turkey or chicken with lots of vegetables. My kids came to love that food. Sprinkle some cheese on top and everybody loves it! You'll be happy. No problem. I hope it works for you!

The Mother Archer said...

Another comment - KEFIR! I didn't discover kefir until I didn't need it anymore, but kefir is better than yogurt and doesn't need a machine to make. It has 3 wonderful bacterias, and it's liquidy with a zesty bubbly zing to it. Try it!

Brown Rabbit said...

I hope this works!

Sherry said...

Thanks for your encouragement everyone. I just ordered a yogurt maker today. Nice to know that this helped you, K. I still mean to e-mail your sister.