Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Oh, I want very much to be real." The Velveteen Rabbit, 1985 film

Erin is our local community theater's Velveteen Rabbit in the upcoming May performances of the play with the same name. She didn't audition for the lead role, but she landed it anyway. Since the lead in a play is something all actors dream about (and our daughter has prayed for since who knows when,) we didn't have the heart to tell her she couldn't accept the role.

Along with Velveteen Rabbit, Erin longs to "live." Her body isn't cooperating very well though, so we ask you all to pray specifically for Erin each day through May 5th. She has a cold. And from past experience, it probably isn't going to go away until Erin is back to resting more. But a cold won't stop Erin. Extreme fatigue won't stop her from getting on stage either, as her adreneline usually kicks in enough to help with that. What will hinder Erin greatly is a fever, the loss of her voice, or a cough that just won't stop. Please pray that God would protect her and keep those conditions from becoming a problem. We pray that she'll be able to enjoy the role she has earned and that the audience will be able to enjoy her performance of it.


Acting Gal said...

Oh Erin, I'm praying loads!!!

I can't wait until opening night, Act II, scene 10...our scene! :D

The Mother Archer said...

That's exciting! You have such a gift for writing - that quote was a perfect fit. I'll pray for her. I'd like to hear the rest of the story about how this came about. Fun!

Sherry said...

Thanks m.a. for the compliment : )
Erin auditioned for a couple of the other parts in the play. She didn't consider the lead as it said male.
Thanks for praying.