Friday, July 29, 2005

Poser 6

Animation has always been of interest to me, as has also been movie making. Instead of spending alot of money on a nice digital video camera, sound equipment, lighting, and all the other odds and ends needed for making high-quality videos, I have decided to test my skills at animation.
Just recently, I have come into contact with a guy (Ryan Myers) who also wants to make movies, but is more into getting live footage, and so has already spent two or three thousand on video equipment. This Sunday, we will be filming part of a short film together that will hopefully be submitted to a film festival in Texas this September.
So (back to animation), in future videos that we do together, I am wanting there to be some really good looking animation and great special effects. I just ordered an animation program off the internet (after looking around for the best), and came up with Poser 6. It was moderately priced, considering how good it really is. The pictures below are actual photographs of what other users of Poser 6 have created. Poser 6 has been nominated "Best Animation" by many companies around the world.


Anonymous said...

Neat!!! The animation those other users made up with "Poser 6" were really quite amazing. Good job on working with Ryan Myers. I've heard of him before, so he must be pretty good.

Good luck on your movie.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!! When do you expect to be creating award winning films? I would like to know so that I can see them in the theaters... really, that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures Brady! I wish I could see the animation. Love Grandma R