Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fish Story

I enjoyed this fun, 'summery' poem from a poem book (title: Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle) and I thought y'all might like to read it too.


Count this among my heartfelt wishes:
To hear a fish tale told by fishes
And stand among the fish who doubt
The honor of a fellow trout,
And watch the bulging of their eyes
To hear of imitation flys
And worms with rather droopy looks
Stuck through with hateful, horrid hooks,
And fishermen they fled all day from
(As big as this) and got away from.

Richard Armour


Dahle Publishers said...

:) Fun poem Erin!!! I do like it.


dahle publishers said...

Your poem reminded me of a fish just resently caught. It was 635 pounds. Just thought all those fish lovers out there would like that.

-- Elsien

Dahle Publishers said...

I hope that you do not think that the REAL Elsien wrote about catching a 635 puond fish. I think that Guess Who wrote that.

smiles for you!