Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Carreg Cennen Castle

I thought that it was about time to post a picture of a favorite castle that we visited. Though in ruins, this castle in Wales was very fun to explore. What was especially neat about this castle, was that a special tunnel was created so that when the castle was under attack or about to be overrun by the enemy, the towns people could escape (through this tunnel) into vast natural caverns which probably housed provisions for many days. We rented a torch (flashlight) and made the journey down into the dark caverns. The farther we advanced into the lightless caves (you couldn't even see your hand if you put it right in front of your face), the more I wanted to turn around and go back up. I was thinking, "What if the flashlight were to go out? We might be stuck down here for days!" But finally having reached the end, we turned back, and I sighed with relief when I could see light again. It was fun to experience what the townspeople in medieval times probably experienced more than once.

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Daily News; reporter said...

That sounds so fun. It would be a great story idea. "Family lost, last seen going into a dark cavern. Only surviver, oldest girl." READ ALL ABOUT IT.

Jen Anderson