Saturday, July 18, 2009

Floating in sunlight

in Surprise, Arizona. An on-line friend flew from San Francisco to Phoenix to finally meet Erin (and another on-line friend) face-to-face. That week, I found lines of poetry written all over our condo. My favorite spot? On my yellow tulip stems. Thanks for coming to see us, Cuileann. (Taken outside a small museum.)


cuileann said...

Thank YOU for your hospitality and for being the wonderful people that you are. A very good week indeed.

Sherry said...'re sweet. I'm glad you enjoyed - even through all the hectic decision-making/prep time for Erin's last minute trip to Spokane. Hope you can come visit us again sometime.

Erin said...


Inkgirl said...

A gathering of three amazing people. :)