Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sharing the love

My Friend Amy and Lenore are hosting a Book Sale Drive for the first week release of Beth Kephart's new Young Adult Book, Nothing But Ghosts. I'll quote and second Amy, "Beth is a gifted writer who deserves a wider audience." This release party's goal is to help Beth sell 200 books this first week. Prizes and a live chat with the author on June 30th are all part of the fun. Rush on over to Amazon (use this link to make your purchase count automatically.) (And don't forget to go to Amy or Lenore's blog to get details about the rest of the party.)

Trust me, dear friends, you will not regret making this summer reading purchase and joining us as we celebrate with Beth. I'm off to finish reading my copy. Cheers!


Lenore said...

Thanks for posting. It really is a beautiful novel.

maya ganesan said...

I remember first reading NBG...I couldn't stop reading, and then I finally finished and I looked at that cover and said, "WOW." I'm so glad that Beth is getting all this glory, because it truly is a lovely story that needs to be shared and admired.