Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Watching the Academy Awards in California: Part II


I'm sorry, I just cannot seem to get that post written....soon...soon...my post should be titled:

"Family" Fun

Friends from Arizona contacted us today to see if we would be around this weekend so they could come and visit us! We haven't seen them in about 13 or 14 years (whenever we last visited AZ), so we are super excited. They are flying to a town north of us to look into a school for their son and they have time to zip down on Friday evening, stay overnight and spend most of the morning with us before their plane leaves at 2:30 on Saturday.

Brent lived with A, along with two other guys, in Glendale, AZ before they each started getting engaged. They were all new pharmacists and none of them were from Arizona, but from the midwest. The engagements seemed to happen one after another - peer pressure, I mean peer envy, must have set in. So the group of us, along with several other midwest pharmacist couples, quickly became "family" that shared birthday and holiday celebrations, Friday nights, wedding showers, baby showers, and mini-vacations together. Shortly after A and M were married, they moved to California for a short time. By the time they came back to live in Arizona, we were almost packed up to move to Colorado. Since then our Arizona "family's" communication has been mostly through Christmas letters because of out-of-state moves and the busy schedules of raising our families. But I know we all look forward to a time when we'll see more of each other again; hopefully during the wonderful winter months when we northerners need some of that Arizona sun to warm up our 'ol bones. *smiles*


Traci said...

sniffles. you get my hopes up and then WHAM crash them.

anyways, that's really excited about your friends!

Nicole said...

Hope you are having a great weekend! Sounds nice.