Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Stuff

I did make it off the couch last night and (thanks to having leftovers in the refrigerator) was able to get to Seussical with my daughter and one of her friends. I enjoyed the play very much (but would have enjoyed it even more if Erin would have been in it. *wink*)

We had a call last evening from the courthouse with the good news that Brent would not have to report to jury duty on Monday - yay, for out of court settlements! The idea of being selected for a jury seems intriguing, but these days, our everyday "norm" beats intrigue, hands down.

Between going out and then not sleeping well last night, its been a rough morning and I'm back on the couch. Erin is the only one home with me today. Brady is at a LAN party, at a friend's house, that he helped organize. Nothing like the thrill of playing a computer game all day with friends (6-8) to spike his adrenaline.

Erin is preparing for an audition for the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, in about ten days. We hear her burst out in song at all times of the day. Like last night after returning home from the play. Nothing like the thought of acting to get her adrenaline going.

All this talk about adrenaline makes me want some. NOW. Anyone have a plane I can jump out of?


Erin said...

Yay adrenaline! I hope I have a whole lot of it this Saturday. :)

Traci said...

a plane you can jump out of? *giggles*
I hope you find some adrenaline Mrs. M!

Nicole said...

Wow. Lots going on. Thanks for the link about the LAN party. I had no clue! I see my age in so many ways these days.

Yeah for Erin. I do hope she gets the part. Auditions are fun despite the nerves. I loved them.

Well I don't have a plane for you but maybe you can wrap your head around or put on my shoes for a while in regard to my trade show in NY that I have never been to or seen and don't know anything about yet plan to exhibit at in mid May! I have not even started to plan. I have adrenaline to the extreme right now. And I will also be leaving the kids for the first time ever (for more than 8 hours). Yikes. I am so nervous and sad about that.

Sherry said...

Nicole, I can almost feel your adrenaline. Hope it goes well!

Nicole said...

Can you? Does it help at all?

Thanks for the wishes. I am probably in over my head but I have to try!