Friday, February 29, 2008

I have to post today, since I won't be able to post on this day again for four more years.

I know, I haven't been very newsy lately.

Let's see. Went to our doctor in California last week. I guess that means we've had a little improvement (Brady and I, anyway,) since last fall, as neither of us could have made the trip then. We all needed a treatment. Glad to have our usual doctor. I had really wanted to find someone closer (and did quite a bit of nosing around for someone within a 90 minute drive from us,) but you know, with this crazy illness of ours, once we do find a doctor who helps us, it's kind of hard to change while we're midstream, so to speak. We just really like this guy and his straight-forward approach. Not an easy trip for us, but we feel it's worth it.

I think I mentioned new supplements back a few posts. It's slow-going getting on them all and getting up to the doses we need to because we're so... whacked out. But we're getting there and I'm excited. Our doc up north has helped us to know that we do need these things and on-line we have good support in using them. I'm excited for the prospect of this protocol helping us. Hope so.

Erin's had a bummer of a time being sick with a respiratory flu/cold for all but about a week since we returned from our "dream" weekend in Seattle. It has taken its toll on her. The last couple of days I've had this slight sore throat that's been warning me to get some more rest or I'll be in the same boat.

Brady's been able to work on his creating (3D) work a bit lately, which is wonderful. Shows signs of some improvement to have the brain power to do that again. He's liking the computer he built and he's set-up in the kitchen, so I'm never lonely in there anymore. *smile*

Yesterday, I noticed a couple of primroses blooming in our front flower bed. It was "spring-time" in California with blossoms bursting out everywhere - apple and cherry trees, and wildflowers on the green, lush hills. We returned to zebra-striped hills, no longer completely covered in white. Every spring since we've been sick, I've prayed for God to awaken our bodies and bring them back to life as the earth comes alive again. Don't thoughts of spring just make you want to leap?

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