Friday, February 15, 2008

cool stuff

  • An eagle on a nest on top of a tree yesterday. (From the highway as we passed by, so I didn't see it up close but it was still very cool.)
  • The setting sun while we drove home from the doctor (again, yesterday.) *Wow*
  • Getting to the doctor again, finally. It had been about six weeks since our last visit.
  • A new protocol of supplements to take: thanks to my SCD counselor and our doctor.
  • Cybils awards announced yesterday. Another list of fun books to read. (Erin helped in the making of it.)
  • Frozen cooked fruit put through my Omega Juicer, smoothing it into the texture of ice-cream. (A new way to eat the cooked pears and peaches we froze last summer.)
  • Seussical, the musical. (Erin's auditioning.)
  • Rest for Brady. He's getting some relief from his breathing problems and chest pain. Yippie and praise God!


Bohae said...

Very cool stuff! :D

Erin said...

Yay for happy stuff. :)