Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gifts and celebration

We had four days of out of town travel (not all of us going each day, but two times at least,) for various treatments this week. Whew! That's a record, I think. Erin's week-old cold is gone, one of the many benefits from her colonic treatments.

Brady had a treatment up north - we usually get 20 minutes of NMT each time, but this time I had scheduled him for 30 minutes. They forgot to charge us for the extra ten minutes ($50/10 minutes) and Brent realized this and started pulling out his billfold, but the receptionist said - Merry Christmas! Also, our colonic lady scheduled Brady on Monday (the day she is usually closed,) for an emergency treatment and booked us for two treatments on Friday, a day I know she was trying to keep open for her own Christmas preparations. The gifts we've received by these concerned healthcare people this week truly blessed us.

Meals have been given to us by friends (for Brent who has no allergies,) so that we could have some leftovers of our "diet" food as we travel and recuperate. A neighbor came up three or four days this week to help keep up our juicing. She washed veggies, juiced them, and cleaned out the juicer. Without her attention this week, juicing would have gone by the wayside. She also stayed one day and helped make a couple of crustless homemade pumpkin pies which were used as a snack during our travel times, too. Gifts outpoured. Blessings flowed.

So don't think we haven't been celebrating!
Our preparations may not appear traditional, but in the truest sense they reflect that first Christmas. We were tired and needy this week and we were given a "place to stay."

(The poem posted below is one that I gave Erin for Advent last year. She just posted it on her blog yesterday, but I liked it so much that I decided to post it on mine, too. )

Happy Christmas!

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