Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday health update

I've not updated in awhile, so guess it's time to let y'all know how we're doing. It was a very rough Fall season for B and me. E started the season off pretty strong compared to where she'd been (not strong compared to you all though.)
  • My health took a downward spiral that I haven't written much about except letting you know about a flare that kept me from absorbing nutrients. Consequently, my healed thumbnail that I was so happy about, once again cracked (in the exact same spot,) my hair became brittle and dry, and I lost most of the three pounds I'd gained back this spring. Of course the malabsorption affected my mineral and energy levels a lot, so it hasn't been a pretty sight. The problem was something that just slowly became worse as we couldn't find an answer. My SCD counselor helped me get very close, recommending an enzyme to digest fats. But our new doctor, Dr. O, (90 miles north) gave me the fat enzyme that he sells (different from what I was taking by only one ingredient) and BINGO - just what I needed. My doctor says that enzyme capsule will be with me for awhile. Fine with me, it's working! I have hope now of, at least, regaining what I've lost.
  • Brady's had quite a time of it. His current status could be described as two strikes in the last inning of play- with two outs, no one on base, and a run needed to win. We'd take a single to start things out. He's had to get off all the medicine and supplements the first doc he saw this fall put him on, and he even had problems with the three supplements that Dr. O put him on. On top of the recurring chest pain/breathing problems, he had to deal with a very nasty metallic taste problem. He's had that problem before, but nothing as bad as this last time. Thankfully we've gotten rid of all the culprits - we tried getting him back on one supplement last week and the metallic taste came back instantly, so his body is still shouting "no." Saying he's sensitive would be an understatement. His body is accepting a couple of things to take at meal time to help with digestion. We're glad for that. He's still close to "crisis" mode each day. Not fun.
  • Miss E has been able to keep up with one of her subjects and her once a week/30 minute dance class. We're very thankful. It hasn't been easy. She started the year taking two subjects, but her health started deteriorating and lately she hasn't been able to keep up with one. However, it's a class that if she builds up her strength again, she could try to pick up where the class is at and still gain some good learning. The teacher has been kind to keep the door open. Erin is getting treated by Dr. O, too, so our once a week trips up to his office use up one whole afternoon and evening of her rest/study time. She hasn't been in a play this fall, but she was able to go to a dance last Friday and caroling on Sunday - so she's getting an opportunity to do a few things she couldn't do if she was in a play. Recently she's overdone a bit with school and Christmas fun, though, so she's on the verge of a cold. (Anytime we don't get the rest our bodies want (which is lots) colds start trying to settle in.)
We've learned some good things about vegetable juicing and we're finally starting to juice in a way that might benefit us. (Note: Most juice books or web-sites give juicing advice for healthy people, not sick.) We've also learned that we need to schedule visits for colonic treatments at intervals in-between our treatments from Dr. O. Good things to learn. God keeps providing for us and protecting us. We're grateful. We rest in the faith He has given us. And here we are, approaching another Christmas to celebrate the gift of that faith. Rejoice!

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Traci said...

Thank you for your update Mrs. M. We will keep you in our prayers.