Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sherry needs

As I've busily prepared for our trip to the Midwest to visit family, it has struck me how needy I am. E-mails to my mom and mother-in-law listing preparations to do ahead of time and items to buy so their kitchen will be safe for the "gluten-free," along with grocery lists full of specialty food items, to instructions for making their home environment as chemical-free as possible, portray me as, well, need I even say it? Very high maintenance.

I was curious to see if any other Sherry's in this world are as needy as me. Here's what I found with a Google search:

  • Sherry needs instruction in phonics. (Poor thing!)
  • All four of her children have special needs, which means Sherry needs a lot of time to care for them. (There is always a worse case.)
  • The first thing Sherry needs to do is discuss the situation with her boss. (Yeah, every Sherry probably needs reminded of this every now and then.)
  • Sherry needs a life... (I'm sure that's what my mom and m-i-l think by now!)
  • Sherry needs to have a control group. (The above are sure they're "it.")
  • The philosophy of life that was practiced by Shakuntala and Sherry needs to be implemented in all of our schools across every continent. ... (She must think a lot like me!)
  • Sherry needs Milliken’s cell phone to see who he has called in the last few hours, but Julia is afraid to go into his bedroom. (Oops, I think this is from an episode of 24.)
  • I hope y'all don't mind but my friend Sherry needs your help. (Quickly goes to the link to see if this means "you know who.")