Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The latest

So we're in California visiting our doctor once again.

And I haven't even written about our treatments we went out of town for a month ago.

Here's the scoop:

Our test and treatments were done using a biofeedback machine. Many people use these types of machines for cancer with much success. We don't have cancer, but the machine works for many, many other conditions. It is quite amazing, and like anything that is unfamiliar and new to us - hard to comprehend.

We had been tested and treated with this machine a few times two years ago, but with all the fancy tests that our doctors performed last year, we didn't think it was necessary. Unfortunately.

But we are glad we were able to get on this machine last month. It showed that we still are fighting an amoeba infection and it also showed that our candida was indeed in the blood. Neither of these things showed up with the blood, stool,and spit tests sent to some of the best labs in the country the last year and a half.

I knew, from what was happening in our body and the studying that I've done, we were fighting a candida overgrowth problem that was systemic, and (without much help from the doctors,) we were trying to treat it on our own. (Many doctors don't believe that candida overgrowth can become systemic - so hence, the lack of help. That's another post.) But we didn't suspect that we still had an amoeba problem, and so we have not addressed that problem since the very beginning of our illness.

These two problems have wrecked their havoc in our bodies and we have several things to be concerned about. I suppose that is why I haven't posted about it sooner. Action and thought had to take precedent.

The reason we're in California this week is because of physical symptoms that we were all experiencing, but what gave us the extra push to get here sooner rather than later was the results of tests on Brady's biofeedback treatments. It gave us concerns about Brady's atlas and the nerves that run through it. (Our doctor in California is a chiropractor who adjusts our atlases.)

Again, I am truly amazed at the provisions God has shown us. Not only in getting us to the biofeedback machine when He did (we were really trying to push the next doctor visit past the 6 month mark,) but giving us affordable tickets during the spring break price hike. Also, we were able to find an affordable townhome, not too far from the doctor's office and airport, which has beds for everyone ( sofa bed pullouts are basically unacceptable after our treatments,) a full kitchen so we can cook all of our food (because of limited diet,) and Internet access which gives us (especially the kids) something to do while we rest.

Brady and Erin were both needing an adjustment (mine has held for 10 months now!) I'm so thankful I didn't need a treatment, as Brent couldn't join us right away and anyone who gets a treatment really needs to rest quite a bit for the first 24-48 hours afterwards. We stay a week to make sure that the adjustments hold, and Brent will be joining us for the last half of the week...knowing that helps me immensely!

Back at home, friends have gone into action making meals not only for Brent, but also a few meals (with gluten, sugar, and dairy) for next week, when Brent's folks will be visiting. We all will be landing at the airport within an hour from each other. My in-laws are coming to help with a little spring cleaning. These tangible gifts of encouragement and support "keep my chin up." God is very good.


actinggal said...

Thanks so much for the update, Mrs. M!!!!!

I miss you all SOSO much!

Praying hard,

The Mother Archer said...

Thanks for the update. You and my sister have got to chat with each other as you may have some things in common. What can be done for candida in the blood beyond diet?
I'm cheering for you! - Kelly

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I feel so relieved. And I'm glad Mr. M will join you all soon. God is so good, may He always give y'all grace in desperate times as He did this time, praise the Lord!