Monday, March 19, 2007


Many who are diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are testing positive for the above virus. I asked our doctor for us to be tested last year. On our first visit, he did not have the test in his office. He ordered it in, but when we visited him next, he was so sure (because of results from our mold antibody test) that just getting away from our home would help us to get better, that he didn't really encourage us to take the $300/person test.

After all the "to do" about mold in our home, I forgot all about HHV-6 for quite some time. But a couple of months ago, when I was researching the latest news for chronic fatigue sufferers, I was reminded of it.

When we were on the biofeedback machine, I had the technician look for it. Sure enough, all three of us were showing that we had it. The kids' numbers showed a level for concern.

A new piece of the puzzle we'll need to find out more about.


actinggal said...

I hope you can figure out at the HHV-6 soon and find a cure or treatment for it!!


actinggal said...

*ahem* correction:

i hope you can figure out ABOUT the HHV-6...not AT.