Thursday, December 07, 2006

Doctor help

We didn't plan this. But it's a good thing.

Two doctor's offices are currently reviewing our records and trying to figure out how to help us.

A couple of weeks back I posted that I was going to get some testing done to send to a Health Institute in Colorado. The day I did that, the Intern at our doctor's office in Seattle called to say that they had just received information and samples of a new treatment. They had been discussing our case at the office and called us to see if we'd like to try it. After finding out a little more about it, I told him, "Sure!"

In the meantime, when my results of the tests I took for the Colorado doctor were faxed to me, I immediately sent them to the Seattle doctor. The Intern at his office called again to get a little more information about our current status and said he was going to research things a little more. He wants to make sure the protocol of supplements he's prescribing to go with this new treatment will be what we need. We may just start one or two of us on this regime at first to see if it makes a big enough difference, before everyone takes the treatment. It's taken with a nebulizer and requires some time and effort.

This morning we faxed all of our tests from this spring (that the Seattle doctor had ordered) to Colorado upon their request. I have an appointment to talk to them by phone this coming Tuesday.

It's a great feeling to know that two doctor's offices are studying our case (especially when we thought the Seattle doctor had "given up" on us.) If you think of it, please pray for wisdom for these doctors in the next few days as they decide on the next protocol to help us overcome this chronic illness.


Traci said...

It's so cool that two doctor offices are *studying your case*!!!!!

We will definitely pray for you all and for wisdom for the doctors.

Cristina said...

Oh, I am very glad for you! I hope these doctors will know what to do! Thanks for the update.


Elizabeth said...

Praise the Lord! I am so grateful that two offices are joining forces to work with you! May their work be fruitful, and a blessing to you! Love, Liz

Sherry said...

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement, girls. Mrs. M

Alex said...

I don't know what the illness is that you are having to face; but, I do know what it is like to feel helpless and alone when dealing with serious health problems. It's good to hear that someone is listening and people care. Our thoughts are with you.