Sunday, July 16, 2006

Prayer Warrior Alert

Okay all of you prayer warriors out there (you know who you are even if I don't) it is time to ask you to increase those prayers on our behalf.

Tomorrow begins the two most intense weeks of being involved in a play: the last two.

Our health which most of you know was already greatly impaired when we started rehearsals of this play, is declining even more so. Brady and Erin have colds, already, from their bodies not being able to keep up with the demands of rehearsals. I'm close to it.

Okay, so our feet weren't exactly planted on the ground when we decided to audition and accept these rolls. I've discussed in a previous post how sometimes we "forget" and try to do things that we really want to do. This summer, with this play, we been able to work hard towards a goal and it's been so good for us. We're asking you to pray that God will see fit to give us the strength and health we need to keep rehearsing and be able to perform all three shows. We'd like you to pray that we'd be able to enjoy it all and not be miserable as we try.

Also, we'd like you to make us laugh. When health deteriorates at times like these, it can get pretty stressful. We'll be tempted to growl and snap at anyone and everyone. We're asking you to send us jokes, funny notes, links to funny videos (keep them clean please) to help us to lighten our load. Laughter is the best medicine and we'll need it.

A friend sent this to us last night and I had to share it with you.
I guess knowing the song might make it even funnier, so I won the toss and get to post it on my blog (which more "old fogies" read.) It's created by a guy who works at Pixar. It's. so. funny. (as my daughter would write it.)

Remember those smiles and prayers. We'll be ever so grateful for them.


Elizabeth said...

We'll be praying, Mrs.M! I'm sorry Erin and Brady have colds, that's rough. I do hope they can hang in there, I know how important this play is to y'all. I hope this link works, it's my cousin reciting Cinderella in a flip-flopped version, and he is interrupted by his sister:

sherry said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing your talented cousin with us, Elizabeth. Mrs. M

Cristina said...

I sure an praying for you guys! And I would love to come to the play. I am working on it :). All you have to do is have a conversation with my brother and he would have you rolling on the ground laughing. :D I will find some funny videos when my brother gets home from work. He has some. Hang in there!

Cristina said...

The Alien song was hilarious!!!!!! Thanks for posting that, lol!

Traci said...

Ok, I will be praying!!! I will also try and send you all some funny things!!

Sherry said...

thanks traci and cristina! we'll be waiting : ) Mrs. M

Sherry said...

Our stomachs ache from laughing and that is a good thing : ) Thanks y'all! Mrs. m

Cristina said...